The Perfect White Shirt

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There aren’t many occasions where a white dress shirt is considered not appropriate. Whether you are wearing it to a wedding, to work, or to the bar, a quality white dress shirt creates a form of self-expression that defines who you are. Having a few white dress shirts also allows you to easily match with any coloured suit jackets that can never go out of style. As more and more guys start to realise the importance of investing in a decent white shirt, we asked our customers and collected feedback on what made Flatwhite stand out.

Non-Iron – Thanks to the evolution of science and technology, we are now able to produce 100% pure cotton Non-Iron shirts that are safe and breathable for everyday wear. Having our hand-picked 2-ply premium cotton combined with one of the world’s leading Non-Iron treatment applied to the shirt, the end result provides a luxury Non-Iron experience like no other.

Real Slim-Fit – This is something we hear quite often, a lot of the dress shirts on the market does not provide that sharp & tailored fit but something quite loose for most guys. (Even with the ‘Slim-Fit’ label) This is because shirt makers tend to add a few inches extra fabric to ensure everyone can fit the shirts to avoid customers returning them. Our goal is to give you the look that you want, which is why our shirts are customised around the chest and waist to create the sharp finish that you deserve.

Convertible Cuffs – Kind of similar to having a convertible car, you can adjust how you want it depending on your mood. Instead of adopting the traditional Button Cuffs or French Cuffs, Flatwhite simply gives you two-in-one, the Convertible Cuffs. Depending on the occasion, you can choose to wear your Cuff Links or simply use buttons instead, and the design does not compromise your look either way.

Easy Care – Don’t get yourself confused with the type of fabric, we are referring the hassle-free wash & dry process. All you have to do is chuck them in the wash per usual and hang them up until they are dried, or simply use the dryer and hang them afterwards. Also, there’s no need to worry about the collar stays as they are permanently embedded in the collars, and as a bonus, you can save from expensive dry-cleaning with no ironing necessary. It’s that simple!

Don’t forget to grab yours and join the Slim-Fit Non-Iron movement today!

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