How to Ace Your Next Interview

FLATWHITE Blog - How to Ace Your Next Interview

Sweaty palms, increased heart rate & short-term memory loss are some of the common symptoms of ‘pre-interview syndrome’. These negative factors influences the outcome of a successful interview, which can be quite frustrating for some professionals when you know you’ve got what it takes for the role. Apart of the general advice you hear such as arriving early, ironing your shirts, do your research, we’ve analysed some of the top firms around the world to understand what makes up for a successful interview to better prepare you, mitigating the ‘pre-interview disorder’.

Background & Career overview – Most interviews starts with the question – ‘tell me a bit about yourself’, this your time to shine! Give the employer an overview of your professional career and education while focusing on the most relevant experiences you’ve had that’s tailored to the role you are going for. Don’t forgot to mention what you are passionate about both professionally and personally, employers often look for well-rounded individuals who can blend in easily into their organisation.

Skills & Capabilities – Doesn’t matter what industry you are in, the relevant skill-set and experiences you have determines your suitability for the job. If you are experienced in the given field, focus on detailed situational examples that highlights your proven track record, not only it demonstrates your knowledge but it also gives the employer an outline about the variety of projects you’ve been involved with. If you are new to the industry, you can also focus on describing situations you’ve been in at your previous role where you can showcase a transferable set of skills. When you don’t have as much experience, the key is to express your enthusiasm, because at the end of the day, skills can be learnt whereas passion comes naturally.

Behaviour – This goes without saying, but when you are in a heated discussion sometimes you might forget about the little things that may leave a bad impression in front of the interviewer. Be a good listener, don’t interrupt, let the employer lead the discussion and answer their question when it’s your turn. Be diplomatic and discreet, never criticise your ex-employer or ex-colleagues.

Ask questions – You will always get a chance to ask questions towards the end of your interview, make the most of this time and ask relevant questions. It shows that you are truly interested and engaged not just about the role but also you are interested in the organisation as a whole. Ask about the culture, diversity, personal development, key success factors and other relevant questions you need to know that are not readily available on their company website.

Interviews never follow the same structure, sometimes a question might come up which you have no idea how to respond to. Just remember: be confident, be prepared, be curious and be enthusiastic, hope you will never experience ‘pre-interview syndrome’ ever again! And if it helps, grab one of FLATWHTE’s Non-Iron shirt and save time on ironing before your next interview!

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