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So you’ve finished all your papers, travelled through Europe, met some friends, spent all your money, and now you’re back home about to start a new chapter of your life that is going to change your world. 7am, you feel a sense of nervousness as you tuck in your shirt and grab your empty backpack. The bus is full of people, you wonder where they are all headed. Finally you arrive at the building. You fix your collar and take a deep breath – it’s now or never. The aroma of coffee fills the air as you walk in through the doors, but you are too busy to take care because the only thing going through your mind is “what is my first day going to look like?”

Well, we’ve got a few tips for you to consider.

Smile – First impression is key. Doesn’t matter who they are or what they do, if you can maintain that smile on your face, your colleagues and managers are more likely to remember who you are and provide you with support when needed.

Listen – Let’s face it, you might have aced your interview but you don’t have the practical skills yet to handle tasks on your own. So listen to others who knows better and absorb as much information as you can.

Ask Questions – I’m sure you hear this all the time, but seriously don’t be afraid to ask questions! Your colleagues knows that you are new and you need to learn, this is the perfect opportunity for you to gain the knowledge from other professionals.

Socialise – Remember that work can be fun too. The greatest motivation for you to come into work every day will be the people around you, so make friends, talk about common interests, organise lunches and grab a beer. This is the start of your professional network.

Respect others – You might be working in a diverse workplace where people might not share the same beliefs or cultural background. It is important to respect and understand those around you.

Starting up in a new environment can be stressful and exciting, making the most of your time at work will be the first step you take towards success. Good luck!

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