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Depending on the industry that you are in, a standard dress code usually applies within the organisation and it’s there to guide you about what is deemed as appropriate to wear when you are at work. After watching this short clip about shopping, we thought you may benefit from some tips on the different types of dress shirts so you can grab and gap as quickly as you can. The most precious gift we have is time, you don’t want to be stuck in the mall for hours and hours trying to find the shirts you need, your time is better spent elsewhere pursuing your dreams.

I am sure you’ve heard about all the different terms that describes dress shirt, and they all appear somewhat similar. Easy care, Easy iron, Crease Resistant, Wrinkle-free & Non-Iron, you name it… Ok let’s take a closer look.

Easy Care/Easy Iron/Crease-Resistant – These type of shirts are usually made out of a Polyester and cotton blend, such material allows the shirts to look more crisp and requires less ironing after the shirts are washed and dried. Unlike Cotton, Polyester is a type of man-made material which offers a stiffer and tougher feel than the natural softness that Cotton offers, and usually these type of shirts are priced lower as the material costs less.

Non-Iron – Some of us find ironing rather relaxing and peaceful but for most working professionals, it can be a pain when you have late nights and early morning starts. To keep your wardrobe sharp and crisp at all times, Non-Iron shirts offer the professional look and convenience. Unlike Easy Care, FLATWHITE Non-Iron dress shirts are made of 100% Cotton with a permanently pressed finish. This means no ironing necessary after the shirts are washed and dried appropriately. The Non-Iron effect is achieved by bonding the cotton fibres at the molecular level to ensure the shape is locked in.

Wrinkle-Free – Technically speaking no dress shirts ever made is completely ‘wrinkle-free’. At the end of the day you are wearing something that is sensitive to your skin and soft enough to not bother you when you move or change posture, unlike wearing something that’s made out of paper. However the claim on Wrinkle-Free dress shirts mostly came from retailer who sells shirts that uses Performance fabric as base rather than the traditional Cotton base. These types of fabric usually contains high Polyester content and other material to make the Polyester more stretchy, which offers wrinkle-free experience when shirts comes straight out from the dryer. However the sacrifice, as mentioned before – Polyester is not as soft as Cotton, therefore if you need to be in the office all day, comfort wise nothing beats the natural pure Cotton.

At the end of the day, don’t let these different labels distract you from picking the shirts that you want, Remember what you wear defines who you are, once you make it to the top, look back and you'll realise that it was all worth it.

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